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Fleet Locations in June, 2301

Copyright 1996 by Wade Racine

Edited and HTMLized by Steven Alexander

Before we get into the analysis, I want to start with where the ships are all located on 1 June 2301. Using the information from Invasion, as well as from other places (like Ships of the French Arm), I compiled the following list. This includes some ships not mentioned in either of those books, and comes from an anlysis of fleet capabilities and supported tonnage, based on Rudell units (from Earth/Cybertech Sourcebook), colonial output (based on information gleaned from the Colonial Sourcebook), and military/political necessity. This also only lists the nations who had fleets engaged in the Kafer War...and therefore does not count the South Americans, Manchurians, and others (although I do have dispositions and fleet strengths for them too...but we'll go into that later).

 You will note in here that it doesn't conform strictly to Invasion...that is because there were other books that contradicted what was put out in Invasion, as well as some things inherent to the ships I designed (like the fighters aboard the German BB Bavaria). I've done my best to integrate all the information. You'll also note that there are some things that don't match what Jay has put on the web page from me...that's because I've changed my mind about a thing or two (amazing what a five year change of perspective will do). You will also note that I haven't included the Hampton class destroyer escorts...that's because I made all this before the Hampton was published. In my final draft, I'll work them in too. FYI, I'm typing most of this in by hand, as my computer back in 1990 was an Amiga...and those files just won't translate to my Mac. :)

 Oh, you may be wondering where I got the ship names for a lot of the ones I made up...well, where I could, I used Jane's Fighting Ships (the 1990 edition, I think). Where I couldn't, I used a thesaurus based of the names I did know (like Spitfire). I did what I could to make the class names consistent, but it didn't always work. Oh, which is how I figured out that Lutzow and Seydlitz were not part of the Rotterdam class (thanks to those who pointed out the error), but were instead holdovers from the old Bavarian navy.

Abbreviations used:


Tallyrand TLY, Bavaria BVR, Columbia COL, Victory VIC


Marian MAR, Nelson NEL


Bismark BMK, Prince of Wales PRW


Suffren SUF, Hamburg HMB, Kennedy KDY, Hood HOD, Konstantine KST


Marshal MSH, Rotterdam RDM, Eagle EGL, Camperdown CDN, Kiev KEV


Cayuga CAY, Hampton HAM


Aconit ACN, Sachsen SCN, Spitfire SPT, Achates ATS, Ypres-12 YPR, Orage ORG, Tunghu THU


Exeter EXE




British Squadron (Vice Admiral Sir Charles Graham, KBC): Victory (VIC BB) w/ 3 Harrier fighters; Drake, Montrose (HOD CG); Robust (CMP DD); Ariadne, Calliope (ATS FF)

French Squadron (Capitaine Nicholas Jean-de-Deiu Monet): Marshal Bouvier, Marshal Marsin (MSH DD); 6 Bonaparte fighters, 4 Bufer fighters, 6 Mistral fighters



American Peacekeeping Force (Captain John Gsell): Reagan (KDY CG)

Australian Peacekeeping Force (Captain Shauna McMichaels): Brisbane (ACN FF)

British Peacekeeping Force (Captain Richard Parsons): Camperdown (CMP DD)

French Squadron (Capitaine Maurice DeMarre): Foudroyant (YPR FF)

German Squadron (Kapitan Lutz Brecht): Schleswig (SCN FF)



British Defense Squadron (Captain Brian BacDouglas): Exeter, Sussex (EXT SDB); 10 Wellington fighters



Trilon Defense Force (Flight Officer Roger Altman): 6 X-2296 fighters



Elysian Squadron (Capitaine Henri St. Germaine): Liberte, Peuple Sovereign (THU FF)

German Squadron (Kommodore Ernst Roehler): Bavaria (BVR BB) w/ 8 Gustav fighters; Admiral Scheer (KST CG); Kassel (ACN FF); Hannover, Holstein (SCN FF)

Japanese Squadron (Rear Admiral Matsumo Nakajima): Agano (SUF CG); Hibiki, Terutsuki (MSH DD); Inadzuma, Natsutsuki, Sendai (ACN FF); 8 Cherry Blossom fighters



British Squadron (Captain William Colliers): Renown (CMP DD); Andromeda, Medea (ATS FF); 10 Wellington fighters

French Squadron (Vice-Amiral Ferdinand Rochemont): Richelieu (RCH BB) w/ 6 Mistral fighters; Marshal Foch, Marshal Ney (MSH DD); Austerlitz, Imperieuse, Tonnant (ACN FF); 4 Bufer fighters, 6 Mistral fighters

German Squadron (Kommodore Horts Waldermann): Admiral Hipper (KST CG); Lutzow, Seydlitz (KEV DD); 6 Gustav fighters, 20 Udet fighters



French System Defense Squadron (Colonel Louis LaFleur): 52 Martel fighters



British Squadron (Commodore Sir Kevin Connors, KAC) in transit to Eta Bootis: Defiance, Indefatigable (CMP DD); Achates, Ulysses (ATS FF)

French Squadron (Capitaine Giles Garand): Marshal Suchet (MSH DD); Castiglione (ACN FF); 6 Bonaparte fighters, 4 Bufer fighters, 6 Mistral fighters


DM+36 2393 (Dunkelheim)

German Defense Squadron (Kapitan Gebhardt von Mannheim): Brandenburg, Leipzig (SCN FF)



German Defense Squadron (Kapitan Wolfgang Buchfellner): Magdeburg (SCN FF); 6 Gustav fighters



American Squadron (Rear Admiral David F. Parker): Jefferson (KDY CG); Spitfire, Temptress (SPT FF)

Australian Squadron (Commodore Alexander Shane): Bushranger (KEV DD); Kangaroo (YPR FF)

French Squadron (Contre-Amiral Jean-Paul Bertrand): Tallyrand (TLY BB) w/ 3 Mistral fighters; Bassompierre (SUF CG); Duperre, Kersaint (ACN FF)

German Squadron (Kommodore Wilhelm Lutke): Bismark (BMK BC) w/ 1 Gustav fighter; Hamburg (HMB CG); Sachsen, Thuringen (SCN FF)

Ukrainian Squadron (Kontr-Admiral Sergei Sergeivitch Borodin): Konstantine (KST CG); Azov, Kirovograd (ACN FF)


[NOTE: The information from the Manchurian and American arms are don't kill me if you don't only includes the nations that were in the Kafer War, so the reasons for some large ship concentrations may not be apparent...many of them are there to counter the Manchurians, the South Americans, etc. As soon as I've got all the bugs worked out, I'll post the *entire* human fleet dispositions as of 1 June 2301 for all of known space]


(also includes part of the American Arm; such stars are marked by a *) (Note: as a matter of security, the Manchurians rarely, if ever, divulge the names of their ships or their commanders; as such, their commanders are named only when known, and their ships are given their hull number, unless the ship name is known)



American Squadron (Captain Doug Matthews): F. Roosevelt (KDY CG); Crusader, Demolition (SPT FF)



French Squadron (Capitaine Johnette Deneuve): Marshal Joffre, Marshal Turin (MSH DD); Bretagne, St. Germaine (ACN FF); 6 Bonaparte fighters, 6 Mistral fighters



American Squadron (Captain Don Rathnow): Eisenhower (KDY CG); Maelstrom, Pride (SPT FF)


DM-26 12026

French Squadron (Capitaine Pierre DuMont): Marshal LeClerc, Marshal Racine (MSH DD); Dijon, Lorraine (ACN FF); 6 Bonaparte fighters, 6 Mistral fighters


[author's note: Yeah, okay, so a ship with my last name on it...well, Racines are thick as flies in France, I'm given to understand...not unreasonable that between 2000 and 2300 *one* of them might achieve the rank of Marshal. :) Besides, I needed a French name at the time...]



French Squadron (Capitaine Jacques LeBeau): Marshal Behar, Marshal Lamidey (MSH DD); Coubet, Provence (ACN FF); 6 Mistral fighters

Japanese Squadron (Rear Admiral Hirosuku Kasagi): Haruna, Takutsuki (MSH DD); Isuzu, Kitakami, Mogami, Ooi (ACN FF); 8 Cherry Blossom fighters


BETA HYDRI (Daikoku, New Arabia)

Japanese Squadron (Vice Admiral Hideki Takamoto): Noshiro (SUF CG); Kirishina, Yamashiro (MSH DD); Sakawa, Takikaze, Yahagi (ACN FF); 16 Cherry Blossom fighters




British Squadron (Commander James Randall): Edinburgh, Liverpool (EXE SDB)



American Squadron (Captain Mark Knudson): Liberty (EGL DD); Cayuga, Comanche (CAY DE); Catskill, Ellsworth, Hartford, Paxton (HAM DE); 10 FS-17A fighters



American Squadron (Captain John Farnham): T. Roosevelt, Kostek (KDY CG); Independence (EGL DD); Arapaho, Blackfeet (CAY DE); Bellevue, Bloomfield, Stockton, Sundance (HAM DE); Arrogant, Surly (SPT FF); 10 FS-17A fighters



American Squadron (Captain Mike Garcia): Democracy (EGL DD); Excess (SPT FF)



American Squadron (Captain Larry Piper): Senate (EGL DD); Tempest (SPT FF)



American Squadron (Vice Admiral John Carson): Kennedy, Olson (KDY CG); Monticello, Representative (EGL DD); Dakota, Erie, Sioux (CAY DE); Aberdeen, Ashland, Hampton, Redfield (HAM DE); Cyclone, Demon, Devilish, Sprite (SPT FF); 20 FS-17A fighters


ROSS 863

Australian Squadron (Captain Ian MacClain): Wallaby (YPR FF); Melbourne (ACN FF)



Australian Squadron (Commdoore Derek Hogan): Walkabout (KEV DD); Sydney (ACN FF); 6 FS-17A fighters



Australian Squadron (Commodre Shad Arthur): Canberra (KEV DD); Koala (ACN FF); 12 FS-17A fighters




[author's note: In Invasion, it gives the breakdown of which nations have what classes of ships, but no names for I winged it. I also figured that this was actually split between Earth and I did that too. It also doesn't name core squadrons for the Japanese or Australians, who are very likely to have I added them in.]



** Total Other: 8 CG, 6 DD, 19 DE, 12 FF, 42 fighters **

American Terran Fleet at Sol (Admiral Lisa Elkhart):

Columbia (COL BB) w/ 8 FS-17A fighters; Adams, Isaacs, L. Johnson, Lincoln, Rice, Truman, Washington, Wilson (KDY CG); Appamattox, Eagle, Freedom, Gettysburg (EGL DD); Lynchburg (HAM DE); Berserker, Dervish, Fanatic, Fury, Hurricane, Imp, Incorrigable, Rage (SPT FF); 10 FS-17A fighters

**Sol Count: 1 BB, 8 CG, 4 DD, 1 DE, 8 FF, 18 fighters**

American Squadron at Tirane (Vice Admiral Colling Meyers):

Jackson, Rawlings (KDY CG); Revolution, Vicksburg, Yorktown (EGL DD); Iriquois, Seminole (CAY DE); Contemptuous, Cynical, Delinquent, Spiteful (SPT FF); 10 FS-17A fighters

**Tirane Count: 2 CG, 3 DD, 2 DE, 4 FF, 10 fighters**

American GRAND TOTAL: 1 BB, 18 CG, 13 DD, 22 DE, 24 FF, 70 fighters



** Total Other: 3 DD, 6 FF, 18 fighters **

Australian Home Fleet at Sol (Admiral Robert Harris):

Southern Cross (KDY CG); Hobart (KEV DD); Alice Springs, Perth (ACN FF); 18 FS-17A

** Sol Count: 1 CG, 1 DD, 2 FF, 18 fighters**

 Australian GRAND TOTAL: 1 CG, 4 DD, 8 FF, 36 fighters



**Total Other: 1 BB, 2 CG, 5 DD, 6 FF, 4 SDBs, 23 fighters **

British Home Fleet at Sol (Admiral Sir Trevor Mountjoy):

Triumph (VIC BB) w/ 3 Harrier fighters; Nelson (NEL CV) w/ 10 Wellington, 20 Harrier, 8 Donovan fighters; Hood, Mountbatten, Rodney (HOD CG); Courageous, Fearless, Imperious, Redoubt (CDN DD); Achilles, Argonaut, Apollo, Dionysus, Helena, Hermes, Homer, Poseidon (ATS FF); Inverness, Norwich, Wessex (EXE SDB)

** Sol Count: 1 CV, 1 BB, 3 CG, 4 DD, 8 FF, 3 SDBs, 41 fighters

British Squadron at Tirane (Vice Admiral Sir Frederick Powell, KAC):

Prince of Wales (PRW BC) w/ 4 Harrier fighters; Dreadnought, King George V (HOD CG); Bastion, Impervious, Stalwart (CDN DD); Athena, Cyclops, Hydra, Penellope (ATS FF); Dover, Ipswich, Northumbria (EXE SDB); 10 Wellington fighters

**Tirane Count: 1 BC, 2 CG, 3 DD, 4 FF, 3 SDBs, 14 fighters

British GRAND TOTAL: 1 CV, 2 BB, 1 BC, 7 CG, 12 DD, 18 FF, 10 SDBs, 78 fighters



**Total Other: 2 BB, 1 CG, 12 DD, 13 FF, 133 fighters**

French Imperial Fleet at Sol (Admiral Jean-Claude Lemoyere):

Charlemagne w/ 6 Mistral fighters, Napoleon w/ 6 Mistral fighters (TLY BB); Marian (MAR CV) w/ 12 Mistral, 12 Riche, 12 Bufer, 18 Bonaparte fighters; Algerie, Colbert, DeGaulle, DeProvencal, Duquesne, Guiana (SUF CG); Marshal Bouchard, Marshal Brandt, Marshal Clemanceau, Marshal Devareaux, Marshal Guiscard, Marshal Guy, Marshal Ligget, Marshal Lioncourt, Marshal Petain, Marshal Rochard (MSH DD); Aquitaine, Chateau de Thierry, Lyon, Marne, Monaco, Nancy, Nice, Normandie, Sonne, Sorbonne, St. Lo, Strasbourg (ACN FF); 25 Riche fighters

** Sol Count: 1 CV, 2 BB, 6 CG, 10 DD, 12 FF, 101 fighters **

French Squadron at Tirane (Contre Amiral Nicolas St. Hilare):

Dassault, Lideax (SUF CG); Marshal Bayeaux, Marshal Chaumont, Marshal Orleans, Marshal Reims, Marshal Troyes (MSH DD); Ardennes, Calais, Loire, Marseilles, Moselle, St. Denis (ACN FF); Orage (ORG FF); 25 Riche fighters, 12 Mistral fighters

**Tirane Count: 2 CG, 5 DD, 7 FF, 37 fighters **

 French GRAND TOTAL: 1 CV, 4 BB, 9 CG, 27 DD, 32 FF, 271 fighters



**Total Other: 1 BB, 1 BC,3 CG, 2 DD, 9 FF, 41 fighters**

German Grand Fleet at Sol (Admiral Kurt Mueller):

Guderian (BMK BC) w/ 4 Gustav fighters; Berlin, Frankfurt, Koln, Munchen (HMB CG); Augsburg, Bonn, Fulda, Kiel, Rotterdam (RDM DD); Gardelegen, Goppingen, Gronau, Hanau, Kaiserslautern, Nurnberg, Pottsdam, Stendal (SCN FF); 5 Wespe fighters, 5 Udet fighters

** Sol Count: 1 BC, 4 CG, 5 DD, 8 FF, 14 fighters **

German Defense Squadron at Tirane (Kapitan Manfred Wessel):

5 Gustav fighters, 5 Udet fighters, 5 Wespe fighters

**Tirane Count: 15 fighters**

German GRAND TOTAL: 1 BB, 2 BC, 7 CG, 7 DD, 17 FF, 70 fighters 



** Total Other: 2 CG, 6 DD, 10 FF, 32 fighters **

Japanese Home Fleet at Sol (Admiral Iwao Imayama):

Yamato (SUF CG); Fuji (MSH DD); Hatakaze, Yubari (YPR-12 FF); 12 Cherry Blossom fighters

** Sol Count: 1 CG, 1 DD, 2 FF, 12 fighters **

Japanese Space Defense Squadron at Tirane(Lieutenant Commander Tatsuni Nakajima):

12 Cherry Blossom fighters

**Tirane Count: 12 fighters**

Japanese GRAND TOTAL: 3 CG, 7 DD, 12 FF, 56 fighters



Russian Squadron (Admiral Stefan Stefanovitch Kuryakin):

Aurore, Dzerzhynskij,Suvorov, Zhdanov, Zhukov (ACN FF)




[author's note: which, roughly translated, would be Ukrainskij Voennij Zvezdoj Flot]

** Total Other: 1 CG, 2 FF **

Ukrainian Home Fleet at Sol (Admiral Yuri Vasilyvitch Leonov):

Kossak, Ukraina (KST CG); Chernoe More, Don, Kaspiyanskoe More, Krym, Narod (ACN FF); 24 Riche fighters

**Sol Count: 2 CG, 5 FF, 24 fighters**

Ukrainian GRAND TOTAL: 3 CG, 7 FF, 24 fighters


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