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KENNEDY Class Missile Cruiser

Reference: Star Cruiser Rules, page 18

Fleets of Service: America, Australia

Apparent Naming Convention: You don't need a convention when you only have one ship in the class.

Known ships of this class: Southern Cross (name of the constellation of stars on the Australian flag).

Analysis:  Since the Americans and Australians are such partners, there was little trouble in the Aussies buying one.  It is now the flagship of the Australian Space Navy.


KIEV Class Destroyers

Reference:  Star Cruiser Rules, page 18

Fleets of Service:  Ukraine, Germany, Australia

Apparent Naming Convention:  The Australians seem to shy away from conventions in general.

Known ships of this class:  Bushranger, Canberra, Hobart, Walkabout.

Analysis:  Maybe that's how the Ukraine could afford such a large navy for such a small country...they sold their designs to everyone.  Then again, now that I think about it, maybe the original design was Bavarian, and they sold it to the Ukrainians. Anyway, the Aussies built these on their own.


ACONIT Class Frigate

Reference:  Star Cruiser Rules, page 16

Fleets of Service:  France, Germany (ex-Bavarian), Japan, Ukraine, Australia.

Apparent Naming Convention:  Cities in Australia

Known ships of this class:  Alice Springs, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney.

Analysis:  No need to build these on their own...the French were selling them cheap enough.  I bet the Aussies would buy Spitfires to replace these if they could, but they already spent the money (I figure the Spitfire came out a few years after the Aconit).


YPRES-12 (A) Class Frigate

Refernece: Ships of the French Arm, page 14

Fleets of Service:  France, Azania, UAR, Mexico, Australia.

Apparent Naming Convention:  Australian animals.

Known ships of this class:  Kangaroo, Koala, Wallaby.

Analysis:  Older ships in Australian service, but still out there.  Invasion lists the Kangaroo as part of the Aussie squadron at Eta Bootis, and designates her a Ypres-12 in the scenario.  License-built, of course.


FS-17A Class Fighter

Reference: Star Cruiser Rules, page 17

Fleets of Service: America, Australia

Number of ships in class:  Approximately 36

Analysis:  The Aussies bought them from the Americans.

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