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KONSTANTINE Class Missile Cruiser

Reference: Star Cruiser Rules, page 18

Fleets of Service: Ukraine, Germany

Apparent Naming Convention: None discernable...I just named them for stuff that would be evocative of Ukrainian culture and history (Konstantine was the only one named by GDW).

Known ships of this class: Konstantine, Kossak, Ukraina

Analysis: For an older design, she's a nice ship. Decent speed, moderate screens and armor, and a good profile. Heavily armed, too. Only two communicators, which doesn't help, but very, very solid. Star Cruiser experience showed she can get in there and slug it out with the best of them. Apparently, the Germans have a couple of these (as listed in Invasion) they either bought or license built (probably the latter) in the pre-unification days.


KIEV Class Destroyer

Reference: Star Cruiser Rules, page 18

Fleets of Service: Ukraine, Germany, Australia

Apparent Naming Convention: Cities in Ukraine

Known ships of this class: Kiev, Rostov, Sevastopol. Rostov and Sevastopol were destroyed by the Kafers in 2298 while they were protecting a merchant convoy, and Kiev was destroyed later that year at the First Battle of Tithonus.

Analysis: This ship is more solid than many cruisers. Look at those hull hits! I've long thought that it was a mistake, along with the hull hits for Konstantine, but hey, whatever (did they perhaps use small boxes when they should have used big boxes? That was how I ran it in my Star Cruiser games). Even with a reduced hull hit capacity, she is a very solid design. Three communicators are good when paired with a missile like the Silka...too bad the Ukrainians only had Glowworms at the "Wolf in the Fold".


ACONIT (U) Class Frigate

Reference: Star Cruiser Rules, page 16

Fleets of Service: France, Germany (ex-Bavarian), Japan, Ukraine

Apparent Naming Convention: Geographical features of Ukraine

Known ships of this class: Azov, Chernoe More, Don, Kaspiyanskoe More, Kirovograd, Krym, Narod

Analysis: The Ukrainians probably built these themselves to replace some really old and decrepit frigate of their own. Besides, Aconit's are cheap, and they can buy spare parts from the French.


RICHE Class Fighter

Reference: Ships of the French Arm, page 6

Fleets of Service: France, Ukraine, UAR

Number of ships in service: Unknown

Analysis: They bought them from the French. How many? I have no idea...I figured a couple of squadrons, so I put the figure at 24.

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