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Eagle class Frigate (FF)

nation of origin: America

copyright 1997 by Wade Racine

(weapon facings: 1=bow, 2=starboard bow quarter, 3=starboard broadside, 4=starboard stern quarter, 5=stern, 6=port stern quarter, 7=port broadside, 8=port bow quarter)

The Eagle class frigate was a precursor to the quick moving, hard hitting Kennedy class missile cruisers. Many of the design features that made the Kennedy's such good ships were tested on the Eagles in the 2280's. Highly advanced when it was designed, the Eagle is still among the most advanced frigates in the human arsenal. Two of these frigates, the USS Spitfire and the USS Temptress, saw extensive action throughout the Kafer invasion, serving to round out the American squadron at Eta Bootis. These ships are named for fighters throughout the history of the United States, including the Eagle, Falcon, Hellcat, Mustang, and Raptor.



Warp Efficiency: 3.863; Power Plant: 25MW Fusion; Range: 7.7;


Mass: 1,859 tons; Cargo Capacity: None; Hull Hits: 20; Power Plant Hits: 20


Crew: 14 Bridge, 7 TAC, 12 Engineering, 2 Medical; Comfort: 0; Total Life Support: 40 people for 90 days;


Weapons: x1+1 1278; x1+1 1238; x1+1 5678; x1+1 2345 (all with UTES)

TTA's and Submunitions: 2 communicators, 1 Big Clip submunitions dispenser, 2 SIM-14 missile packs


Ordnance Carried: 6 SIM-14's in two external packs, 1 Big Clip submunitions dispenser;

Movement: 8; Screens: 1; Radiated Signature: 2 (5); Radial Reflected: 5; Lateral Reflected: 5; Targetting Computer: +2; Radial Profile: -2; Lateral Profile: -1; Armor: 6


Sensors: Active: none; Passive: 12; Navigation



TAC: Passive Operator; 2 x Remote Pilot; 4 x Fire Control

Bridge: Captain; Navigator; Communications; Engineer; 2 x Computer


Damage Control: 9


Cost: MLv79.28