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Known Shipyards in 2300AD

Copyright © 1996 by Andreas Traunsberger - All Rights Reserved

SFA - Ships of the French Arm
Inv - Invasion
T2300r-Traveller:2300 referees manual
T2300p-Traveller:2300 players manual
2300ADr-2300AD referees manual
2300ADp-2300AD players manual
RC-Rotten to the Core
DWP-Deathwatch Program
NTEK-Nyotekundu Sourcebook
EC-Earth/Cybertech Sourcebook
COMMENTS: (*1) there are ships built by Midtech and Trilon but in some places the books only mentions design, so perhaps when it says designs it includes building(?) if so do other companies who design spacecraft also build them? (RC p25 and SFA p64&66 and other sources)
(*2) perhaps this could/should be interpreted in the same way as (*1)?
*Regarding Baustoffe, GmBH: they manufacture materials for spaceships, but not the ships themselves.(RC p23&25)
*secret fighter base at Luna with Mistral IIIbis fighters (France?) (DWP p48)

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